The Issues

Protect Taxpayers, Cut Waste, Fraud & Inefficiencies

Our taxes are too high and our services are too inefficient.  In many cases, there are needless duplication of services and wasteful spending of tax dollars. Alan will help streamline our City for the benefit of our residents.


Tourism & Full-time Residents

Alan will ensure the City takes a more balanced approach in preserving the quality of life for full-time residents.  While year-round tourism is important for our local economy, peace and tranquility is essential for our full-time residents.  It is necessary for rental companies to ensure local rules are followed and that the City provide adequate enforcement and oversight.


Public Safety

With violent crime in Big Bear Lake increasing, Alan will make sure the City prioritizes public safety to protect our communities and family.  Alan will ensure the City is both strategic and strong in its crime fighting efforts.


Keeping Big Bear Lake Beautiful

Alan will invest in improving Big Bear Blvd, from one end to the other.  Our city beautification plans and focus must not be limited to the Village.  Alan will ensure there is an investment in the unique character and atmosphere of Big Bear Lake throughout our city.  Alan will ensure effective governmental coordination to protect our lake, wildlife, trails and forest.



Economic Development & Job Creation

Alan will use his 25-year private and public sector experience to help bring high paying jobs to Big Bear Lake and improve our local economy.

Infrastructure Improvement

Alan will ensure our road conditions are improved and maintained. During peak tourism season, appropriate traffic control and mitigation plans will be implemented to minimize disruption to residents. During the winter, snow removal will be prioritized to ensure safe roads for our community.

Paid for by Alan Lee for City Council 2020